Monday, September 17, 2012

Screamers of Tzeench

I bought the new screamers of tzeench and I really love them. Very good models with a lot of details and parts that allow for some variety. I somehow automatically replaced the stand with my metal bar + magnet because I hate the old stands but overall I think it's not a good idea because the new stands are very good. Again I tried to use airbrush for the blue painting. I am not happy of the outcome for the airbrush. It took me several layers and I choose the wrong color shades... however I learned a lot for the next time! Using airbrush for WHFB figures is not trivial at all but is a very good alternative to traditional paint.

I primed with vallejo grey primer and started with a blue+black base. Then added various layers of lighter and lighter shade with the light is confined to external parts of the body.

The most time consuming part is painting the horns. I did it with black+ brown as a base, followed by scorched brown, graveyard earth and bleached bone... too much time ! I coud have avoided the graveyard or one of the brown tones...

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