Sunday, September 29, 2013

Terrain, terrain! Part III : Russian/Finnish house For Winter War

Waiting the of end Winter War Kickstarter  (pledge here !!) I started building some houses and terrain to be used for russian and finnish terrain.

The design is broadly inspired by the 4ground building that appears in the kickstarter (I loved the pale blue windows idea)
and also in this case is build with forex. On top of that I used 1mm balsa wood for the timber cover...I am not fully happy of that. i should carve more deeply the balsa to have the effect of separate wood boards.

Terrain Terrain ! Part II: a 3-storey building !

More and More difficult ! After reading the inspiring post from Bob Emmerson on wwpd bolt action forum I started a new project to build some north-European town buildings. I started with this three storey building and I am quite happy about the final result... The process can be quite easily standardized an some other similar building can be built using the same system.

The building is enriched by some additional items like the street name plate, the building number and a couple of WWII posters i found on the internet and printed. Rue du Poulet is in honor of our friend Pollo (=chicken=poulet) who heroically keeps using german !

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Terrain, Terrain ! Part I: an European 2 storey building

Bolt action (which we enjoy a lot) forced me to work hard creating terrain suitable for 28mm figures. I re-adapted my basement and created a large workbench. Then I started (re)-collecting cardboard, polystyrene, mdf, flock, balsa wood etc.

One of the first project I completed has been building a 2 storey European building.  To construct it I use 5mm forex that is easily cuttable. I draw the pieces on the board and then glued some floor textures I created with word. I am pretty happy of the final result although I did not attached windows and doors to increase usability with BA.

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