Saturday, September 22, 2012

Necron army for sale

I am trying to make a little space in my basement and sell some unused armies. Here is a large lot of necrons mostly painted to good to very good standard. They should be on ebay however if interested please contact me.

My (self made) workbench

This is my self made workbench. It is broadly inspired by the citadel one and made of plain wood with an old ikea table cover as cutting base. I find it very useful and allows me to remove almost all what I need quickly from the table.

Lord of change

This is my last production. It took me lot of time to finish this impressive demon lord. Mainly because it is very difficult to paint: the wings and the vest represent a real challenge.
I used the second head to produce a two-heads model.
I painted most of the model pre-airbrush so it is mainly a dry brush painting effect. I also started using Vallejo liquid gold and was really happy of the effect. To ease the transport the model has detachable magnetized wings and arm. I had a great fun with that. Hope you will like them (apologize for the awful pictures taken with my iPad : I have my pc broken and am using the iPad app to post).

Monday, September 17, 2012

Screamers of Tzeench

I bought the new screamers of tzeench and I really love them. Very good models with a lot of details and parts that allow for some variety. I somehow automatically replaced the stand with my metal bar + magnet because I hate the old stands but overall I think it's not a good idea because the new stands are very good. Again I tried to use airbrush for the blue painting. I am not happy of the outcome for the airbrush. It took me several layers and I choose the wrong color shades... however I learned a lot for the next time! Using airbrush for WHFB figures is not trivial at all but is a very good alternative to traditional paint.

Herald of Tzeench on disc

I recently bought some of the new chaos demons that is my last warhammer army. Here you will see my latest painted model that is the finecast herald of tzeench. I tried to mimic the excellent buypainted tutorial because I wanted to try using airbrush on a 28mm model. The result is not bad overall (I used airbrush on the disc only).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

German vs American Battle Report

Tonight I played at Goblin shop a nice (not for me) game using a Blood, Guts and Glory German FHH panzer company (with my brand new panthers!). Besides from the good look the company performed quite bad being very difficult to mount back bailed out reluctant tanks...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

88 mm (work in progress)

I am using the two additional 88 I found in the old box (two with resin bases were painted in Afrika colors). I was inspired by the camo I saw in the spotlight and tried to replicate it... It seems to me that my spot are larger and darker but it was a wonderful exercise with aribrush to try to make small and light spots on the shield...

Nebelwerfer and 75mm IG

 My nebelwerfer section of 3 guns GE590.

German 105mm battery

This is the battery of 105 mm GE571, namely the leFH18 howitzers see also here. It is an old product not the new one in the box that comes with nice resin bases. nevertheless I think I did quite a good job on the bases anyway.

Nice aircraft bases

This is quite simple alternative idea to the typical aricraft mount for FOW (that easily gets broken).

First of all look at the effect.
you may put the aircraft in the usual horizontal way...
...or you may bend it to have a much better looking


Monday, September 3, 2012

Panzer Grenadier part I

I bought a box of panzer grenadiers with late hanomags. This summer I painted with airbrush the hanomag... the grenadiers are on the way (will put them in part II when done).

the four hanomags of the platoons

the command Sd 251/10 late
more photos

Company HQ

Here is my new company HQ with an optional Sd Kfz 250 transport (for the aufklarungs)

Company commander
Second in command
An early Sd Kfz 250/1

more photos

(Panzer) pioniers

This is the first infantry platoon of my new Late War German force.
The only useful (... not fully sure) german platoon I was able to grab at my local store was a platoon of German Panzerpioniers. (I think it is an out of production pack since i do not find it anymore in the site)

overview of the full platoon
see here for the latest briefing 

the goliath

the platoon commander

 Some of the pioneers bases

Old Style Panzers

To give you a term of comparison I post here some pictures of my pre-airbrush German tanks. 

I tried to simulate the effect of airbrush with two colors camo blotches.

Pz IV H 

IMHO the overall result is not bad but clearly the effect with airbrush is much better...
Note also the handpainted  Balkenkreutz and Numbers...

I Have a complete platoon of 5 Pz IV H


and 2 optional Pz III N

Stug III G


A platoon of 5 Stug

... and one of 5 Brummbar

.... too much work to repaint all of them !

see more photo here

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tigers reloaded !

I repainted three Tigers with my airbrush since I want my army to have a more homogeneous look.The only minus of this operation was that the new layer of paint over the previous ones occluded a little the zimmerit texture.

Tiger II with Porshe turret
Anyway I am much more happy of their new look.

One of the two Tiger I i repainted

For the details of the painting see my Panther G post.

More pictures follows

Panther G platoon

Another result of my summer test with the airbrush. This is a Panther platoon from ThePlasticSoldierCompany. I mounted the tanks according to the Ausf G version since i want to use them as late models that already dismissed it.

The three Panther G of the platoon with the platoon leader in the central tank
The tanks are very nice and easy to assemble. The only part that deserves some attention are the tracks. Maybe a wise idea for the future is to paint them separately and assemble later... The tanks are without zimmerit so I think they should be used only for very late models (fall 1944 onwards) that already dismissed it.

The company commander and the 2iC
I painted them with Hinterhalt camo scheme following the suggestions in the flames of war site.I first airbrushed the basic dunkelgelb color using Vallejo air 25 Dark Yellow, then I airbrushed big blotches of camo colors (Valleyo air 41 Tank Brown with little white and mix of Vallejo Air 7 and 11 Olive and Tank Green). After a light wash with black wash i painted the dots by using a toothbrush (thanks to the suggestion of Enrico!). They are still a little large but they come out quite regular. 
The whole tank was later drybrushed withlight sand (I used the new citadel range for drybrush).
Track are painted in gun metal and then washed with brown. I finally painted  the additional equipment with gunmetal and light brown.

I am pretty happy of the final result and overall i found quite quick to use the airbrush. I really love the way it covers flat surfaces compared to brush. I still have a little trouble with the camo. Sometime it is too liquid and it spreads too much like a spider net.

Models still need some final touch. I have to add spare tracks and additional equipment. I also need to buy decals with the Balkenkreutz and the tank numbering (maybe the latter not since in late war these were rarely used).

Some additional photos follows.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

PanzerSpah platoon

Another example of my first airbrush experiences done this summer...

I re-painted a PanzerSpah platoon with the command Sd Kfz 250/1 and two Sd Kfz 250/9.

I am pretty happy of the result but i still must learn to draw thinner lines and I have to find the right green color.

The command vehicle is still missing the soldier firing the mg...

More pictures follows

Puma !

I am a great Flames of War fan and after getting a little bored about the allied I switched recently to the Dark side of the force seriously starting a german late war army. Some time ago I painted some tanks but I was very unhappy about the overall result: I definitely need something better for the camouflage! 
I recently bought an airbrush and started practicing it for painting 15mm AFVs. It's not an easy task and I used several tutorials found on the web and did some practice on old tanks.

When I felt a little more confident I started my first new project: painting a platoon of Sd KFz 234/2 Puma using battlefront resin models.

Here is the result of my work.

the 234/2 turret variant

the 234/1 turret variant

Some other photos of the platoon.

My first post

Hi everyone !
This is my first post and I am very excited ! I wish to start by introducing me and my passion.
I live in Bologna, Italy.
I paint miniatures and play wargames since many year (too many to count them!). I started as almost all with Airfix plastic soldiers and playing with my friends at primary schools. Later I entered a club a started playing with tin 25mm ancients: at that time we used Newbury rules. I painted my first army that was an imperial roman legio that I still have in the basement... We soon switched to Napoleonics (my old love) playing with 15mm and there I started collecting Russians and French.
After several years of fun and big battles with friends (Empire, Armati and Fire and Fury ...) the group more or less dissolved and we then started playing at a shop (Goblin) where I discovered Flames of War and Warhammer which are my current favorite games. I played a lot Fields of Glory ancient and renaissance but i got tired of it and me and my thousands ancients are waiting for a revive !

I hope you will enjoy looking at my work and  will be very happy about your comments and suggestions!

Daniele AKA Gargagna (that's how my kids call me: I don't where it comes from but it's now sticked to me...!)
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