Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rubicon's T34/76

I am amazed by the quality of the new Rubicon models. Here is a look of the T34/76 i recently built... very nice tank and very easy to build.

Getting two Sherman's at the cost of one !

I recently purchased the fantastic plastic M4A3 Sherman from Rubicon Models
The model is great and easy to assemble and I was super excited by the perspective of getting both the 75 and 76 mm turrets. Unfortunately during the assembling I got a bad surprise ! A few items that were needed by both turrets were only present in a single copy... They are not many but still this made the construction of two turrets a little bit tricky.

First of all I left unglued the base of the turret so that it can be attached to both versions (it stays well in place without glue. Maybe in the future I will magnetize it.

Then I magnetized the 75 and 105mm gun so that I can interchange them easily.

I also magnetized the Cullin hedgecutter so that it can be removed

The last part I needed to adjust was the cupola hatch for one of the two turrets (just one was present. To this end I used "minimold" a nice transparent plastic that softens when warmed and that creates easily a mold that can be used to replicate items with green stuff. The result is excellent and very easy to obtain....

The only think I fear is that I glued the two parts of the hatch in a wrong way since the periscope is looking backward... too late ! The next sherman will be correct!

After painting and weathering the tank I am very happy about the overall result !

Monday, November 3, 2014

My 1/48 collection

I decided to make all my german vehicles in 1/48. They are better in scale wrt to 28mm infantry. The big pity is that the ranges are quite limited and in practice the only army that is possible to make is
the german one that has a decent range. Here is a sa set of samples of y german army.

In total I have

Sunday, October 26, 2014

100/17 battery

Here is the big gun of the italian army.... the 100/17. Actually my grandpa was an artillery officer an fought as a leutenant commanding a mixed 75/18 and 100/17 battery in the 1936 Abyssinian war, where he got a silver medal during a big fight against natives at the Uarieu Pass. Later he returned to Italy and was assigned to territorial duties. Fortunately he was not sent neither to north Africa nor to Russia (so i was able to see him...) and after September 8 joined the partisans in Piemonte and Veneto. He left the army after the war as Lt. Colonel.
I ideally think one of the men we painted is my granpa ("Nonno Leo").

Italian support teams

The support is made up by the solothurn anti-tank rifle and by an 81mm mortar.

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