Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Command Post

Here is my scratch built command post in 28mm. I took inspiration from the Baueda command post and built it by using DAS putty for the sandbags and balsa wood for the wooden parts.

The whole command post is internally large enough to accommodate 4-5 figures or a single large 50-60mm base for an MMG or a light AT gun.

In the following you find some details on the construction of the command post, and some comments on things i would not redo in the same way... I hope you like it  (as my germans do) !

Lizardmen for sale

for sale on ebay my lizardmen army made up of 24 saurus warriors, 30 skinks, 6 saurus on cold ones, 6 Kroxigors, 6 chamaleon skinks, 2 terradons, 1 salamander, various heroes... painted to very good standard and some to showcase standard. Update jan 17: I was able to sell all the pack to a lucky triplet of buyers from France Spain and Italy. I hope they will use them since I painted and never played with them. 

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