Sunday, March 17, 2013

Objectives: something worth fighting for !

I had really good time designing three objectives for our new table! They are built from the 1/48 Tamiya jerry cans set. two of them are made up of german equipment and one of US.

I based them on 40mm round mdf bases I got from minibits (an erroneous order so I found a way to use these otherwise too small bases.) Hope you like them and will be inspiring... I plan to do more of them in the future with spare parts and unused soldiers.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New bases from minibits

Inspired by the article on I decided to rebase my teams. I found that single figures for teams are not so nice since I tend to mix them with other platoons. I then decided the following basing:
2 men teams on 50mm round bases
3 men teams on 60mm round bases

In addition I wanted to have some removable bases on the team ones so as to remove casualties. Hence, I contacted my favourite (and sole) bases provider (minibits) if he could provide me pre-cut bases: They did ! Here is a picture of the 60mm base with 2*25mm holes suited for mortar and MMG teams.

Here is the base with the holes bottom mad with magnetic material. note the small magnet placed in the wood part of the base so one can attach additional pieces on top of it (the piece is on around base under which I sticked some other magnetic sheet. I took the round magnet from a Geomac piece (an old toy of my kids they no longer use)

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