Tuesday, September 11, 2012

German vs American Battle Report

Tonight I played at Goblin shop a nice (not for me) game using a Blood, Guts and Glory German FHH panzer company (with my brand new panthers!). Besides from the good look the company performed quite bad being very difficult to mount back bailed out reluctant tanks...

My list: 6 plat 1735 points all Reluctant Trained
  • HQ and 2ic Panther G                                   260
  • Tank plat 3 Panther G                                    385
  • Tank plat 3 Panther G                                    385
  • Tank hunter platoon Jagdpz IV/70 (V)          305
  • AA platoon 2 Mobelwagen                             90
  • Volksgrenadier plat                                        160
  • FHH panzergrenadiers                                   165
I played against Matteo who used an American list with
tank plat with 2 E8 and 1 jumbo
tank plat with 2 m4a3/76 and 1m4a3/75
tank plat with 6 m4 105
recce plat
two other platoons that i don't remember (1 AA and 1 infantry i think)

I was the attacker and Matteo punt on the table the two tank plat. That with the m4/76 was placed in ambush while the other in a wood close to the objective...

The battle finished 5-2 for Matteo... He played well even if he saw a loot of double 1 ! I had great trouble in remounting bailed out tanks: it happened me just once !

I was almost on the objective but with mg fire the infantry was wiped out and the two last tanks of the IV/70 (here proxied with Stugs) and panther G plats were destroyed hence the company needed to carry our a morale check that is failed miserably.

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