Sunday, September 2, 2012

Panther G platoon

Another result of my summer test with the airbrush. This is a Panther platoon from ThePlasticSoldierCompany. I mounted the tanks according to the Ausf G version since i want to use them as late models that already dismissed it.

The three Panther G of the platoon with the platoon leader in the central tank
The tanks are very nice and easy to assemble. The only part that deserves some attention are the tracks. Maybe a wise idea for the future is to paint them separately and assemble later... The tanks are without zimmerit so I think they should be used only for very late models (fall 1944 onwards) that already dismissed it.

The company commander and the 2iC
I painted them with Hinterhalt camo scheme following the suggestions in the flames of war site.I first airbrushed the basic dunkelgelb color using Vallejo air 25 Dark Yellow, then I airbrushed big blotches of camo colors (Valleyo air 41 Tank Brown with little white and mix of Vallejo Air 7 and 11 Olive and Tank Green). After a light wash with black wash i painted the dots by using a toothbrush (thanks to the suggestion of Enrico!). They are still a little large but they come out quite regular. 
The whole tank was later drybrushed withlight sand (I used the new citadel range for drybrush).
Track are painted in gun metal and then washed with brown. I finally painted  the additional equipment with gunmetal and light brown.

I am pretty happy of the final result and overall i found quite quick to use the airbrush. I really love the way it covers flat surfaces compared to brush. I still have a little trouble with the camo. Sometime it is too liquid and it spreads too much like a spider net.

Models still need some final touch. I have to add spare tracks and additional equipment. I also need to buy decals with the Balkenkreutz and the tank numbering (maybe the latter not since in late war these were rarely used).

Some additional photos follows.

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