Sunday, January 19, 2014

The (exciting) Unboxing of Winter war pack #1

Before Xmas I received the long awaited pack containing my two platoons from the winter war kickstarter.

Here is the report of my Unboxing and in following posts I will report painting progress...

 The package is excellent (and heavy)

The box contains 4 Russian lmg squads with 10 men each !
and 4 Finnish squads (2 mg and 2 normal) with the platoon command 

Finally a new camera!

Last Xmas I gifted my wife a reflex camera (canon 600d) and finally had the chance of taking decent photos. I also suddenly bought a tripod and this enabled me to make a set of trial pictures of some old  warhammer lizardmen I wish to sell on ebay. Here are the results


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wild West terrain

here is the terrain board 90x90 cm that I prepared to play with our west miniatures. 
the polistirene glued together

the sand glued on the board 

the board painted with some Rocky Mountains pieces. 

the board ready for playing 


little diversion from Bolt action... we started playing Wild West skirmish with an Italian rule set. we use the fantastic miniatures from black scorpion. I painted tonight a first set of my Texas rangers. 
These are all from Tombstone 3 set.

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