Saturday, April 26, 2014

Winter war BTD reinforcements 6: The high command

Final addition to the army is a fat officer with Nagant gun. It comes from the pack with the other officer that I used for the cavalry squad.

I also bought the Gaz jeep. It is all lead and not fantastic but with the 50% discount it makes an optimal compromise between price and quality. I mounted it on a base since i feel it more fragile than the resin ones.

Winter war BTD reinforcements 5: The heavy mortar

Warlord stuffs are great but often out of stock !

BTD is then ready to fill the ranks with this awesome 120mm mortar including the transport (horrible to assemble but looking nice when finished...).

Unfortunately the crew is of only 3 people  but the seated guy is really great !

Winter war BTD reinforcements 4: The infantry

I could not resist buying a squad of infantry in summer uniform.

Great poses, excellent sculpting and low price are fantastic arguments.

The squad is made up by 10 men with a LMG.

Winter war BTD reinforcements 3: The scouts

I find the BTD scouts are really better with respect to the warlord ones.
I am not very happy about my painting job since the camo blotches do not came out from the rest of the uniform. I should have used a much lighter background since it darkens a lot with the army painter dipping that I use to shade and protect the figures.

Anyway scouts are fearsome with the ability to deploy together with snipers and observers...

Winter war BTD reinforcements 2: The cavalry

The next unit is a superb squad of dismounted cavalry. To make them I used the NKVD men that are really appropriate and painted with the colorful blue trousers. Perhaps they were not that used
in campaign but add a lot of effect to the army.

Again an excellent squad of veterans to field besides the inexperienced rabble... these will arrive to finish the work !

Winter war BTD reinforcements 1: The naval squad

Exploiting the big end of the year 50% sale from BTD I bought a lot of Russians to complement my winter war baker figures.

The first great addendum is a squad of naval figures with winter jackets...

I painted them with the black baltic fleet uniform and they will make a great regular though fighter unit.

The only pity is that they almost all come with SMGs and they miss the typical crossed baldrics.

Anyway I love them and in a couple of fighting they covered themselves with glory. thus justifying the many medals in the chest of the fantastic all-black officer !

Winter war Russian, first wave

In a few months i finished the Russians in the first wave of the kickstarter from backer company.
I am amazed by the variety of the poses and on the fina outcome of the army.

I tried various shade of grey, green and brown for the overcoats and this also increase the variety.

FIrst Winter War figures

These are the first winter war figures I painted.

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