Saturday, November 17, 2012

M3 Half track painted

Here is the result of my first attempt to paint a Bolt Action scale model. I tried most of the weathering techniques that I found explained in this fantastic tutorial.
I used oil paint for Leaks and Streaks and oil wash as explained by Buypainted followed by pigments for dust effect and pencil. For the heavy chipping I used goblin green as a base and the mud is done by mixing plaster with pigment, fine sand and vinylic glue.

The overall result is nice although some things can be improved... I will do better on the forthcoming M4 Tank !

Comments welcome

No Decals ? No panic !

I really wanted to start painting  the M3 halftrack nut have no usable US invasion star decals... then I decided to try preparing a stencil and use the airbrush for producing some decent stars.

I surfed a little on the net and then opted for a rather simple solution. I downloaded some samples and printed them on a transparent sheet. Then I cut three stencils with Xacto knife and sick them on the half track. I masked it carefully and used the airbrush loaded with white color: the result was quite good although since the stencil did not adhere fully I needed to refine the star manually a little. Next time I think I would use adhesive paper that sticks better to the surface to be painted.

To see the stencil and the results ...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

FOW tournament 11/11

Today i participated to a FOW tournament at our local shop Goblin Bologna. The tournament was for Late war lists up to 2000 points.  There were 18 participants which is not a bad number for Italy nowadays.
I used my veteran British Paras but with a list from A bridge too far (Frost perimeter) that I never adopted before.

I had

Command (Frost) + 2 piat
3 x full para rifle plat
2 x antitank 6pdr plat
1 x assault plat
1 x artillery
1 x machine gun
1 x mortar
1 x recce with 2 squads

Overall I arrived 7th with 2 won and 1 lost battles... but more importantly I got the painting prize !

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chickamauga 1863

We are refighting the second battle of Chickamauga between the Union army of Cumberand and the Confederate army of the Tennesseee, 18-20 September, 1863.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Unboxing Warlord M3 A1 Halftrack

Hi I finally got my order from wayland and unpacked the M3A1 Halftrack. Here you will see the box contents and my comments.

Actually this is slightly different from that present in the warlords site that is denoted as
M3 Halftrack

maybe it was an old product... anyway it's very similar

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