Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Fire and Fury !

The first love is hard to forget !  With the ambitious project of refighting Gettysburg we removed the dust from our beloved 20mm ACW troops. I quickly started painting some Union troops and really enjoyed them. These will join my Hanckock IInd corp and will soon fight alongside their friends !

Next in the list is the Iron Brigade as part of Reynolds corp.

The miniatures are Italeri Union troops

FOW Battle Report

I had an interesting fight with my Devil's Charge SS panzercompany against an US infantry coy.
The game was an Hold the line mission with the US on the defensive side. It has been a very bitter fighting with several errors on both sides (also due to a big amount of rust on the rules mechanics that i need to remove)...

My German List
HQ 1 Panther
1 Panther Plat (3)
2 Pz IV Plat (5 each, one proxyed with stug)
2 wiberlwind (proxied)
1 sd 231
1 ss artillery (3 guns)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ranger Platoon completed, Part II

the second option of the magnetized arm: a sergent
Here is the gallery for the two squads
All men have Rangers shoulder pad and I put a couple of US flags on the other arm of the LT and a sergent

Ranger Platoon Completed, Part I

option A of the magnetized arm: Bangalore !
I am really happy to show the complete ranger platoon. It has been quite long to produce them since i needed to be acquainted to the new size and system but the last ten figures required me much less time than the first one. I am quite happy about the overall result that is quite homogeneous. Now I need some heavy weight and the platoon is ready... I am waiting from the lmg, mortar and Halftrack ...

see the gallery for HQ and specialists here...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Warlord announces US command

Exciting news in the Warlord site: they are about to release a stunning set of US command pieces. It includes a superior officer an observer and a medic... lots of heads and superb poses !

eager to have them in my hands !

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review 28mm US figures

Having entered the fantastic world of 28mm WWII miniatures i started surfing the net in search of miniatures and vehicles producers suitable for my new US late war project.
At the moment I restrict the survey to US Infantry (and rangers). Later I will add others as marines and paras.

Warlord Games
Black Tree Design
Company B
Die Waffenkammer

Monday, October 8, 2012

The first completed rangers

Hi all tonight I completed the first batch of 4 figures. The officer, a sergeant and the bazooka team.

I am pretty happy of the final result although I used the army painter dip (dark tone)...

Rangers WIP 4 Basecoat

I primed and put the first two basic colors with the airbrush.

I used the vallejo grey primer. Then I painted jacket in khaki. After the first khaki layer i added white and sprayed from above so as to produce some highlight.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rangers WIP 3 Magnets !

I really wanted to use bangalores in the rangers pack so i decided to magnetize them so as to change if they are not used...

I really like the result. the piece can become the NCO of my second squad instead...

Rangers WIP 2 Assembly completed

I finished tonight the assembly of my rangers platoon.
It will be made up by two squads plus some specialists. I am pretty happy about the first result though it was quite a long job. I am happy about the variety it can be obtained though some more variation in arm types would be great (some "at rest" variants would be helpful in assembling specialists).

Here's the first squad. NCO with gun, bar, 1/2 smgs and 5/6 rifles. I love the Bar with woolen cap and helmet in his back

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rangers WIP 1

Here some photos of assembled miniatures for my rangers.

You may see a great flamethrower and a bazooka team where the metal parts are very visible...

Bolt Action Unboxing US rangers

My first Bolt Action project is a platoon of US rangers (I decided after looking for the nth+1 time Saving Private Ryan). I grabbed a Box of Warlords US rangers at my local shop (Goblin !) and started looking at them.

Actually the box is made by 5 + 3 sprues from the standard US infantry box + a bag of metal items to characterize them as Rangers.

Bolt Action !

I enthusiastically bought a copy of the new Bolt Action rules ! I was really excited about startin a new project involving large scale figures for the WWII (so as to keep using my fantastic airbrush !)
Here is the copy I finally got from Amazon. At a first reading the rules are simple and the game seems playable only requiring 20-40 men and 1-2 vehicles/tanks. I hope some folk here around will start an army so as to have a mate to play with... I live in Italy and finding opponents is always a drama !

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