Thursday, December 20, 2012

Unboxing Warlord Sherman, willys and crew

It's quite a long time I don't post but I was really busy with my work. Nevertheless I found a little time to proceed a little with my Boltaction Rangers. I received my order from Warlords which included some vehicles for the yankees.
Here you will see the M4 Sherman and the willys jeep box content. The metal and resin components are a finely detailed and with little flash.

Just an important note for the assembly of the sherman: remember to glue the metal parts of the wheels of the tracks BEFORE gluing the tracks to the main body since otherwise it wil be difficult to mount the internal one... (this was what happened to me!)

The willys jeep is another little jewel. It came with the MMG to be mounted.

I also bought the two crews for the jeep and the tank crew. As expected they are not really of the typical Heroic 28mm size but slightly smaller to fit decently into the vehicles. 
Comparing the vehicles with the figures however rather convinced me to buy for the germans vehicles in 1/48 that are much better looking for the Heroic 28mm figures... (you will see them soon).

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