Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rangers Heavy Weapons

To complete my rangers I got and painted an MMG and a light mortar. I think I will proxy the light mortar as a medium one since the light has two disadvantages. The main one is the lack of observer that makes it difficult to use it in game boards with a lot of terrain features (as they should be). The second one is the little damage (D3) that it make when it can hit.
Also the mmg did not impressed me a lot: 65 points for 3 dices is not that much...

At least the models look great and the bases are nice little dioramas. Note the damage dice and the .5 frame that I bought from minibits to hold the dice that I use to mark the casualties since the figures in the team are less than required (respectively they should be 3 crew for the mmg and 3-4 for the mortar).

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