Thursday, December 20, 2012

Painted Sherman

I could not really wait too much to paint the fantastic Warlords Sherman. I painted with airbrush using the vallejo 887 brown violet and used the same weathering treatment presented for the M3 halftrack.

This little hero performed very well in its first battle. It entered the field from reserves and at the second attempt it destroyed a concealed Stug III !

One thing that I am quite proud of is the effect of the white start on the back of the vehicle. Since there were the grids I did not wanted the decals looked as a blanket covering them. Therefore I put the decal but then I used a cutter to remove the parts over the grids. Then I repainted the missing parts of the white stars with white color and brush: quite long but I think it looks proper !

A close up detail of the weathering.

I must now add the crew and some stowage...

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