Friday, December 28, 2012

The last models of 2012 ?

I started my new Bolt Action project on German Fallschirmjagers platoon just at the end of the year ! painting them is quite difficult (i did it in 15 mm but 28mm splinter camo is a very though task) and my first experiments are quite frustrating... 

However I am quite excited since I decided to use 1/48 vehicles instead of the resin ones. They are much better suited to heroic 28mm figures and also superior to resin models in terms of details.

My first experiment is an old Bandai model i retrieved from my basement: a fantastic JagdTiger. A real monster on Tiger II chassis and with 128mm gun able to pierce any armor !

I think the test succeeded reasonably well although painting leaks and washes on light colors is more difficult than on the olive drab. I used a black spray primer and then airbrushed the base color which is a mix of Tamiya  acrylics: 2/3 of Xf60  dark yellow and 1/3 Xf55 deck tan which makes a very convincing dunkelgelb with a light tone suitable for further washes and filters. Tamiya acrylics are really a fantastic surprise. They are very easy to spry and extremely matt: the berst you can use for vehicles.

The camo is sprayed by using vallejo air panzer brown 041 and Tamiya deep green Xf26. Then I sprayed a gloss varnish and applied two filters (paine grey and burnt umber) and a black wash using the technique shown in panzermania tutorial. 
I resprayed gloss cote and applied leaks, sponge, pigments and mud again following panzermania tutorial.

The result is fine and allowed me to test all the techniques on a tank that is quite unlikely i will ever use on the field.

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