Thursday, December 27, 2012

Comparing BTD and Warlords USGI

BTD,Warlord tin, BTD, Warlord tin
I was also tempted by the black friday sale of BTD and purchased a team of USGI to complement my rangers...

I was very favorably impressed by the figures i received (for about 1EU each !) They are good and with good details and proportions.. for an awesome informed review on the figures and their equipment see the wwpd forum.

What I was concerned was the compatibility with Warlord figures which formed the bulk of my armies and the real surprise is that they are very compatible both in terms of height and of overall shape... At a close look heads are sometimes larger and sculpting is less accurate but the poses are varied and in many cases very nice (look at the two advancing GIs above).
Overall I was very happy of the purchase and will repeat it at the next sale... (I also bought a FJ squad that I am currently painting).

sorry for the photos quality which is awful.

the whole squad

the squad leader: a very tough looking sergeant 

and now further comparisons between Warlords and BTD





  1. A majority of my stuff is BTD (mainly due to cost with the 50% off and the bonus 10% for signing up sealed it for me). The quality varies and for the average for the price you can't beat the quality. Are they high end sculpts no, but find something cheaper at that quality.

    I have since mixed in Artizan, Warm Arces, Warlord and Offensive Miniatures that all have blended well to everything I have. Basing is the key to helping make models level out, if something is a tad shorter add a bit of green stuff. Also, we as humans are not all the same size, so life is reflected in miniatures.


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