Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awesome bunch of lead !

I am amazed by Black Tree Design customer service ! I dropped an order of 28mm german and us to reinforce my BA squads on SUNDAY (they had their fantastic 50% off sale ending that day)....
I received the items TODAY (on thursday) in ITALY form UK !

really amazing !

here's a picture of the lead i got and a detail of the US 57mm AT gun
all this stuff come at about 50 EU including postage !!!


  1. Black Tree has some great deals and their product isn't bad for the price. Some is better than others but again when you need to bulk up an army they got you covered. I just finished almost all my FJ last week, I have some German Infantry next (mostly theirs) to work on next. I just put the PAK40 together last night, trying to figure out a base (thinking a CD). Glad to hear their Euro side is working well.

  2. The nice feature of BTD is that the fit very well with WG. the scupting and detail is inferior but not much and they add a lot a variety to the army. I personally prefer them to the WG plastics that are too thin and not all nice when assembled.

    i will be very happy if you can post somewhere a picture of the pak 40. i thought a bit about buying it but from the pic in the site it didn't look fine (the shield looked straight)... so i did not get it

    thanks garga...

  3. Look like a nice pile of lead. Looking forward to seeing it all painted up.

  4. the yankees are done as you may see in other posts. the germans are on the way...


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