Sunday, February 10, 2013

My BA US army (almost) complete !

Hi guys,

I have (almost) finished my US army and very proud to show it in all its splendor !

It consists of two ranger squads and two normal infantry squads supported by a bunch of MMGs, mortars, bazooka, flamers and snipers !

I am also very happy about the final basing i obtained by using mdf pre cut bases. I will better illustrate that in a later post...
comments welcome !


  1. Nice work! Now it is time to hit the tables!

  2. It has already hit the table with mixed results... we are now training hard to improve !

  3. Were these made with the Bolt Action Plastics? looking at building a similar styled army, Rangers (2th) and Regular Infantry (29th).

    So curious about the miniatures and their origins :)! do you have a larger version of this picture?

  4. I mixed plastic warlords with Black tree design.these latter add a lot of variety and are fully compatible with warlords.
    In my blog you will find other pictures and I will post some further ones in the future...


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