Monday, November 5, 2012

Unboxing Warlord M3 A1 Halftrack

Hi I finally got my order from wayland and unpacked the M3A1 Halftrack. Here you will see the box contents and my comments.

Actually this is slightly different from that present in the warlords site that is denoted as
M3 Halftrack

maybe it was an old product... anyway it's very similar

First of all i should say that I am impressed about the resin mould quality. Really highly detailed and neat !

The metal equipment is nice and without big flash.

A close up of the box content with all the metal parts.

A big inconvenience is the lack of assembly instructions. This is intuitive but one has  to look carefully at the pictures to understand how to assemble. The other missing stuff is a small set of decals that one has to buy separately...

Overall a very good model that i am eager to start painting....

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