Sunday, November 11, 2012

FOW tournament 11/11

Today i participated to a FOW tournament at our local shop Goblin Bologna. The tournament was for Late war lists up to 2000 points.  There were 18 participants which is not a bad number for Italy nowadays.
I used my veteran British Paras but with a list from A bridge too far (Frost perimeter) that I never adopted before.

I had

Command (Frost) + 2 piat
3 x full para rifle plat
2 x antitank 6pdr plat
1 x assault plat
1 x artillery
1 x machine gun
1 x mortar
1 x recce with 2 squads

Overall I arrived 7th with 2 won and 1 lost battles... but more importantly I got the painting prize !

The first match was against Matteo who had a US tank with encounter scenario ... they crushed me 6-1.

  the us tanks approaching the center

I made several errors but the climax was a triple 2 for the platoon reaction who was sitting on one of the objectives (reaction to assault = 2, british bulldog = 2, platoon morale = 2 !) ... platoon destroyed and objective captured ! end of the match ! Bravo Matteo !

The second match was a Cauldron against a russian tank company. This time I won 6-1 since the russian failed all attempts to assault the dug in paras !

The last match was against a british infantry with churchills and crocodiles and the usual lot of guns. 

After several attempts the were almost able to get one of the objectives but a desperate assault has crushed the churchill platoons who had just conquered it... The match ended 4-3 for me after a really bitter fighting ...

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