Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ranger Platoon Completed, Part I

option A of the magnetized arm: Bangalore !
I am really happy to show the complete ranger platoon. It has been quite long to produce them since i needed to be acquainted to the new size and system but the last ten figures required me much less time than the first one. I am quite happy about the overall result that is quite homogeneous. Now I need some heavy weight and the platoon is ready... I am waiting from the lmg, mortar and Halftrack ...

see the gallery for HQ and specialists here...

Staff: Leutenant, medic, air/arty observer

I am sorry not to have found a better option for medic's arm. however I will buy the new command and later will reshape this figure as a normal GI

 I Like very much this observer... it uses the radio from the ranger lead addendum.

Specialists: flamer and sniper.
Heads and flamer come from the ranger additional items.

The sniper is really cool!

Bazooka team with loader. this is basically from the standard box

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