Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review 28mm US figures

Having entered the fantastic world of 28mm WWII miniatures i started surfing the net in search of miniatures and vehicles producers suitable for my new US late war project.
At the moment I restrict the survey to US Infantry (and rangers). Later I will add others as marines and paras.

Warlord Games
Black Tree Design
Company B
Die Waffenkammer

Warlord Games
Clearly the first resource ! They have a quite wide (but not yet complete) range of minis suitable for US army.

WWII American Infantry plastic boxed setInfantry
WWII American Infantry plastic boxed set (25 plastic miniatures including a bazooka team)
Rangers lead the way!  US Rangers plastic boxed set (same items as infantry plus metal accessories to transform them into rangers, includes a flamethrower)
US Army 30 Cal LMG teams
US Army 50 Cal HMG team
US Army 60mm mortar team

Tanks and vehicles
The range includes most of the used vehicles in resin/metal kits. They seems very nice and accurate.

M16 MGMC AA half-trackSherman M4A3 75mm Tank
Sherman M4A3 (76mm) with wooden armour
Sand Bag Armoured Sherman M4A3
M5A1 Stuart light tank
US M10 Tank Destroyer
M24 Chaffee US light tank
M36 Jackson tank destroyer
Sherman M4A3 75mm TankM5 Stuart light tank
M16 MGMC AA half-track
M8 Greyhound Armoured Car
M3 HalftrackLVT-4 'Buffalo', Amtrac
US Armoured Jeep
'Deuce' 2-and-a-half ton truck with 50cal.MG
'Deuce' 2-and-a-half ton truck
Willys jeep with 30 CAL.
Willys jeep with canopy
Cullin Prong Hedgerow Cutter
US Military Policeman on Harley Davidson motor cycle

1000pts American Army (Regular Infantry)

they also produce a very interesting 500 and 1000 points army deal that inclues all what is needed to start.

500pts American Army (Regular Infantry)
1000pts American Army (Regular Infantry)
They have a large range of Us infantry figures. They are lead figures and come in pack with 4 or more figures.
A lot of interesting options to complete the missing entries in the Warlord range. I've never had them in my hands but according to some review they are less accurate and more variable in size.

WW2027 U.S. Infantry Bazooka Teams I (4)
WW2034 U.S. Infantry Bazooka Teams I
U.S. Infantry 30 cal teamWW2047 U.S. Infantry with Grease Guns
WW2048 U.S. Communications Infantry (3)
WW2079 U.S. Infantry Casualties (5 random)
WW2080 U.S. Infantry 30 cal team
WW2087 U.S. Infantry Characters I (4)
U.S. Infantry with Rifles (4)WW2117 U.S. Infantry Mortar Team
WW2121 U.S. Dismounted Tank Crew (4)
WW2243 US Infantry Bazooka Team III (4)
WW2273 GI Radio Team (3)
WW2315 U.S. Infantry Characters II (4)
WW2347 US Infantry Bazooka Team IV (4)
WW2373 U.S. Infantry with Rifles (4)
WW2374 U.S. Infantry with Carbines (4)
WW2375 U.S. Infantry with SMGs (4)
WW2376 U.S. Infantry BarGunners (4)
WW9011 U.S. Infantry Officers (2)

they have some vehicles/guns that are not present in the warlord range (as the dodge car)

Willys Jeep & CrewWW2053 Willys Jeep & Crew
WW2225 M8 Greyhound with full Fenders & Panniers
WW2317 M4 Sherman
WW2110 U.S. M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun (1 & Crew)
WW2152 U.S. M3 White Scout Car
M4 ShermanWW2181 U.S. GMC 2 12 Ton Truck (Duece and a half)
WW2184 M8 Greyhound
WW2200 M20 Utility Car
WW2217 M3 Halftrack Personnel Carrier
WW2218 Dodge Weapons Carrier

Company B

An impressive selection of 28mm vehicles. It includes virtually all US softskins and tanks,
with  a fantastic  WC-51 jeep with 37mm, T30, T19 and M8 scott.


They also produce a separate 76mm turre and a sandbag covert for the sherman M4A3, as well as crews and an impressive set of decals for each division and vehicle.


44WUSA01 - USA Riflemen Advancing
44WUSA21 - USA StaffA large set of variants with all what is needed. From the pictures the sculpting seems a little awkward (e.g. strange heads).
The assortment is very good with many variants.
Very nice is the US Staff set.
The main tanks and vehicles are also present and look nice. They are declared 1/60 so may be slightly smaller.
WVUS010 - 3" Anti Tank Gun & CrewWVUS01 - US M4A3 Sherman 75MM DRY £18.00

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