Monday, October 29, 2012

FOW Battle Report

I had an interesting fight with my Devil's Charge SS panzercompany against an US infantry coy.
The game was an Hold the line mission with the US on the defensive side. It has been a very bitter fighting with several errors on both sides (also due to a big amount of rust on the rules mechanics that i need to remove)...

My German List
HQ 1 Panther
1 Panther Plat (3)
2 Pz IV Plat (5 each, one proxyed with stug)
2 wiberlwind (proxied)
1 sd 231
1 ss artillery (3 guns)

The initial german deployment

and the US initial deployment (a 57mm and the SP AT plat were held in ambush, mg, AA and recce and another one were held in reserve)

the result of a first attempt to assault the US platoon in the wood. One PzIV plat wiped out but the SPAT were then destroyed. It took instead 3 turns to destroy the 57mm.

The panthers attempted to assault the other platoon in the wood. the assault was successful but failed to dislodge the USs from the wood.

... but at the end the assault succeeded !

and also the other platoon was swept from the field !

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