Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Prussian 13th Brigade

Let me now explain a little better my task. I am supposed to recruit a "brigade" of 10 units to be used with Black Powder 2nd ed rules. Here is the breakdown I got from Jack (the Ministry of War)

After a while and a couple of emails with Jack I realized that actually the brigade has been split across three players. Each of us will have the 3 Line and 6 landwehr battalions, then I will have an artillery battery of 4 guns while the other two will have a squadron of Landwehr cavalry each...
This means that the whole brigade would field

24 x 9 = 648 infantry !
2 x 12 = 24 cavalry
4 guns and 16 crew
plus staff....

which makes approximately a scale 1:10 since the brigade fielded at the start of the campaign about 6500 men.

In practice i will command a regiment not a brigade but wisely the organizers created balanced forces so that i can have in my unit both line and landwehr ...

I immediately went to my favorite Waterloo source

where you can find beautiful tables for each regiment present in the hundred days campaign
to see the look of my regiments.

The 10th is a standard prussian line infantry regiment with 2 musqueteers and one fusiliers battalions. It has yellow facings and a nice red/orange flag...

see here the uniforms of the 10th

The Neumark Landwehr has red piping and facings and the Silesian has yellow ones. So a very good mix. It took me a while to understand all what i need (I initially thought about doing two neumark regiments because several order of battle I consulted assigned to this brigade 2nd and 3rd Neumark Regiments) and in the end was very happy to have more variation.

see here the uniforms of the 3rd Silesian Landwehr (where you see it enlisted in the 15th brigade)

Finally i had the 21st foot battery with six 6 pdr and 2 7 inch howitzers.

The whole brigade was under command of General Albrecht Georg Ernst Karl von Hake
but actually mine is commanded by major von Braunschweig commander of 2nd Neumark Landwehr. Find here some notes on his life (in German).

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