Monday, October 15, 2018

The first Prussians !

I finished tonight the first small batch of line infantry including 2 bases with 8 figures in total.

Still to be done

Foot (infantry+artillery) = 232 - 8 = 224
Generals = 5
Guns = 4

The Process

To speedup the paint I tested a fast paint system in which I used a blue primer for the figures and black primer for the knapsack and heads. It seems to have worked fine. I initially did not glue the head and knapsack but for the next group i will immediately glue the heads.. there is no advantage to glue them later and in this case there is also the risk of damaging the paint job.

The primer is Liquitex prussian blue spray... excellent ! Then i did a quick dry brush with medium blue. I painted the trousers with london grey and the coat german fieldgrey or other grey. the gaiters and the shako are painted black grey. Then i did a general wash with nuln oil and reikland flesh on the  faces. After the wash I did a quick passage with the original colors and completed. It took me one and half evening... a bit too long. I hope to speedup in the next batches (the next will be of 16 to complete the battalion).

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