Saturday, February 15, 2014

SAGA !!!! my first vikings

We started playing SAGA and after few initial battles using lord of the rings miniatures I could not resist buying the gripping beast plastics. I prefer them quite a lot compared to the lead ones and I split two boxes with another fellow.

I have chosen vikings as initial force. I think they are an easy start and anyway the figures can be used for many other armies.

I like these figures very much... they are easy to paint and with lots of bits in the box it is possible to assemble lots of variations in the figures.

Here is my warlord that looks very viking and  powerful


  1. Hi, your Vikings look great, did you hand-paint all the shields? I recently bought some second-hand Gripping Beast Vikings. They've been painted but could do with some tidying up, so it's nice to see some good examples. I've just started a blog that's mostly SAGA and FoW ( we play a lot of SAGA and post regular battle reports. Cheers, Paul.

  2. Thanks for the comments!. Yes shields are all hand painted. We started playing saga and enjoyed some battles with my vikings... I found them not that easy to play perhaps due to their relatively simple "run and destroy" attitude. anyway I had to fight with scots that are a nasty match for whoever !

    1. Yes, the Vikings are quite one-dimensional, but they can be devastating. I've found them difficult to use against the Welsh, who have lots of ways of messing with your moves. I like to put them into big units and be as aggressive as possible with them. Cheers, Paul.

  3. My current list is 2 8 nobles 1 12 bondi and 1 4 bondi (just for the dice)

    neat simple viking !


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