Sunday, January 19, 2014

The (exciting) Unboxing of Winter war pack #1

Before Xmas I received the long awaited pack containing my two platoons from the winter war kickstarter.

Here is the report of my Unboxing and in following posts I will report painting progress...

 The package is excellent (and heavy)

The box contains 4 Russian lmg squads with 10 men each !
and 4 Finnish squads (2 mg and 2 normal) with the platoon command 

Here are the picture of the Russian squads

And four Finnish platoons with a command group of four

the platoon command

Overall sculpting is great and really like the variety of poses...
Here is an overall view that gives you an idea of the assortment...


  1. Nice, can't wait for my Finns to arrive. Doubt I will see them until Feb/March at this rate for the first wave.


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