Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting two Sherman's at the cost of one !

I recently purchased the fantastic plastic M4A3 Sherman from Rubicon Models
The model is great and easy to assemble and I was super excited by the perspective of getting both the 75 and 76 mm turrets. Unfortunately during the assembling I got a bad surprise ! A few items that were needed by both turrets were only present in a single copy... They are not many but still this made the construction of two turrets a little bit tricky.

First of all I left unglued the base of the turret so that it can be attached to both versions (it stays well in place without glue. Maybe in the future I will magnetize it.

Then I magnetized the 75 and 105mm gun so that I can interchange them easily.

I also magnetized the Cullin hedgecutter so that it can be removed

The last part I needed to adjust was the cupola hatch for one of the two turrets (just one was present. To this end I used "minimold" a nice transparent plastic that softens when warmed and that creates easily a mold that can be used to replicate items with green stuff. The result is excellent and very easy to obtain....

The only think I fear is that I glued the two parts of the hatch in a wrong way since the periscope is looking backward... too late ! The next sherman will be correct!

After painting and weathering the tank I am very happy about the overall result !

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