Saturday, November 9, 2013

German Late War Infantry

Here are my first two platoons of German for late war. They are two squads with a mix of Assault Rifles and rifles. Each squad has a sergeant and a LMG. I also have an officer with a man for the platoon command. The miniatures are Black tree design and I really like them: very good detail and poses variation: out of 15 or more men just one or two repeated figures...
Till now I used them mostly for volksgrenadiers in support of my Fallschirmjagers and in general they performed very well... I hope in the future to use them in more glorious roles such as sturmpionieers.

The last items (e.g. the officer and most of the rifle armed men) were painted using the speed painting technique used in the warlord website to paint the russians. I really like the overall effect.

I LOVE this lmg pose ! 

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